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today's member area preview: Emilia & Roslin in "Multiple Finger Insertion"

Emilia & Roslin's story

Stretching her legs wide apart as they play twister, Roslin loses balance and falls next to Emilia as they laugh uncontrollably. Down on the floor, Roslin's hand moves up Emilia's body, caressing her pert breasts as they get closer and closer together. Ardently undressing each other, Emilia takes off Roslin's panties, uncovering her long pubic hair.

Sitting on the floor, Emilia closes her eyes as she gets fingered vigorously by Roslin. First using just a couple of fingers, and then putting all four of them inside her as she moans in pleasure. Blindfolding Roslin, Emilia bends her in all fours to the ground and letting drooling on top of her bum, she begins to finger her from behind passionately.

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